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The South Conway County School District Tornado Safe Rooms are available to the public after school hours in the event of a Tornado Warning.

Safe Room Rules and locations are listed below.

The South Conway County School shall utilize the following rules and procedures for use of the Tornado Safe Rooms in the District: 

1. Safe Room doors will automatically unlock when the tornado siren sounds. 

2. Safe Rooms are open only to the public when a tornado warning (not watch) has been issued and/or the tornado sirens have been sounded. 

3. Safe Rooms will remain open only until the tornado warning is lifted. When the warning expires, the Safe Rooms must be vacated within thirty (30) minutes.
4. During school hours, students and staff only can use the Safe Rooms.

5. It is mandatory to follow the directions of the Safe Room managers or school administrators at all times. 

6. Pets are not allowed in the Safe Rooms unless they are a service animal. 

7. Food and drink are not permitted in the shelter. 

8. Smoking or use of tobacco or products containing tobacco in any form is prohibited. Specifically, the prohibition also included any product that manufactured, distributed, marked, or sold as e-cigarettes, e-pipe, vapor devices or under any other name or descriptor. 

9. Radios or other music devices may be used only with individual earphones. 

10. No alcohol beverages. 

11. No Weapons ie: guns, knives, swords, etc. EXCEPTION: Official weapons carried by on duty law enforcement.